Deadly Connections

Deadly Connections

By Colin Wade

Format: Paperback

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Publication Date: 28 Sep 2021


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Categories: Crime and Thrillers

ISBN: 9781913913373


Sarah Braintree is the best Chief of Police that Jersey has ever had but the day after her success is celebrated by the government, someone starts killing people.

Cryptic notes left on the victims’ pique Sarah’s interest in the case, and she breaks all protocols by deciding to lead the investigation herself.

As the crime spree intensifies, Sarah’s previous credibility is slowly eroded, and her ineffectual team seems powerless to stop the perpetrator terrorising the island.

Will Sarah ever catch this killer and find out why they are doing it?

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Colin Wade previously worked as a full-time programme manager with Thames Valley Police for thirteen years. He is currently working in admin at Oxford High School and also does some exam invigilation for Oxford Sixth Form College. With more time on his hands, he turned to writing in 2016 and has published two books, The Lost Years and Plutus with Matador. He lives in Oxford with his wife and two grown-up children.


NetGalley review (Guest Review) - 04 Nov, 2021

Jersey Police Chief Sarah Braintree receives a top award for police services just as a killer strikes, leaving notes and clues for Sarah. This seems personal to the killer, striking in quick succession. The clues and riddles make no sense initially and the body count rises. Soon the link is made, Sarah and the team make the deadly connections.
A quick paced enjoyable book. Stand alone and you got to know the characters quickly, sympathising with Sarah’s blight. I will certainly be looking to read more from Colin Wade.

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