In Search of Truth

In Search of Truth

By Eliza Harrison

Format: Paperback

Publication Date: 28 May 2023


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Categories: Autobiography

ISBN: 9781915603654


Raised among the Cambridge intellectual elite with a distant father and authoritarian mother, Eliza grows up feeling inadequate and alone. But her parents’ friends offer support – notably Lord Bob Boothby and the Rothschild family.

In a bid to find love, she marries a charismatic young actor, but when he lands the star role in a Fellini film, his focus turns elsewhere. As feelings of rejection set in, Eliza looks inward for answers, her spiritual search begins and she escapes to the Yorkshire Dales and pours her energy into writing, photography and teaching meditation.

As shadows from the past recede, her horizons expand, and Eliza perceives a series of betrayals among her parents’ friends that lead her to question her own paternity. Determined to uncover the truth, she begins unravelling a tangled web of secrecy and scandal that touches her own family and extends to the highest levels of government.


Eliza Harrison’s search for truth has led her to explore spiritual paths in both the East and West and establish a meditation centre in Cumbria. Alongside her work as a spiritual guide, she is also a photographer and author, and has documented the life and landscape of Northern England, as well as told her own story in two books, In Search of Truth and a novel, The Mystery of Martha.


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