Voice from the Grave

Voice from the Grave

By Michael Pakenham

Format: Paperback

Publication Date: 28 May 2022


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Categories: Crime and Thrillers

ISBN: 9781914471674


2019, Hampshire. Private Detective Daniel Appleman is out walking his dog, hears an explosion and sees his house burst into flames. There can be no doubt – there is someone who will stop at nothing to kill his family.

A promise is a promise, and one man with an obsession to avenge his friend’s death will stop at nothing to ensure that the deed is done. 

Meanwhile, time is running out. Two ex-IRA comrades who fled Ireland in 1973 after a particularly bloody massacre of British soldiers in Londonderry are planning a coordinated terrorist attack. One in London and one in New York.

Both cities are on full alert and nerves are at stretching point. Can the security forces in both cities find enough evidence to stop these attacks or are they going to be too late to stop innocent people from being killed or maimed?

And is it all just a distraction to draw them away from the real target?

Michael Pakenham is part of a well-known Irish Literary family. Generations of his family lived at Langford Lodge on Loch Neagh outside Belfast. His father was killed in the Second World War and the Estate was sold. His mother then took Michael and his sister to Tucson Arizona until the end of the war. Voice from the Grave is the third book in the Daniel Appleman series.


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