Budgie Wore My Jacket

Budgie Wore My Jacket

By Martin Silverstone

Format: Paperback

Publication Date: April 28, 2021


Categories: Contemporary, Humour

ISBN: 9781913551773


Enter the immersive world of 1970s London

Between the hippies and skinheads and the era of disco and punk, there was a time when attitudes became outrageous, music more fun, fashions glamorous, and pop stars shocking – welcome to the age of glam rock.

Here we meet Mark, trying to be cool but not quite pulling it off. He is still a virgin and feeling left far behind by his more successful best mate. He wants to trip on LSD but is terrified of bummers. He fancies Samantha, the Pre-Raphaelite beauty at college, but lacks the confidence to approach her. In the north-eastern extremities of suburban London, Mark and his friends live for the weekend parties. They make regular journeys up west to the hip boutiques, restaurants and record shops; especially Kensington’s Biba, Mr. Freedom and Kenny Market. They take drugs, have sex and march against the Tory government.

Martin Silverstone worked for several decades at one of the global giants of the corporate world where he sold multimillion-dollar technology, software and services solutions. He has also travelled the world, scuba-dived deeper than the safest limits, trekked high up in the Himalayas, overdosed on adrenalin while white water rafting, and cycled across inhospitable deserts. He lived for four years in the Middle East and also lived in a centuries-old apartment on the Left Bank of Paris for two years, but has now settled in Hampstead, London.


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