The Art of Listening

The Art of Listening

By Paul A. Mendelson

Format: Paperback

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Publication Date: 28 Jul 2019


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Categories: Humour, Poetry, Short Stories and Plays, Self-Help

ISBN: 9781912881468


Stories don’t emerge out of thin air. They’re inspired from what we see, what we hear and most importantly, what we experience. Sometimes they’re funny, sometimes moving, often plain weird. All a writer has to do is – listen.

In this intriguing and occasionally surreal volume of novellas and shorter fiction, BAFTA-nominated screenwriter and acclaimed novelist Paul A. Mendelson explores with humour and pathos how our worlds make us so vulnerably human. 

A volunteer on a helpline hears a voice at the other end that changes her world forever...

A failing scriptwriter tries to sell his mad movie to a famous director by pretending it’s the story of his life...

A proud Scotsman wakes up after a mild stroke to discover he has turned English...

A middle-aged man whose young father died before he was born meets his long lost parent in a dusty attic...

A husband leaves his wife forever – until he realises he has left his precious watch behind...

Paul A. Mendelson has created several hit BBC comedy series, including BAFTA-nominated May to DecemberSo Haunt Me and My Hero, starring Ardal O’Hanlon. For ITV he wrote the much-acclaimed Martin Clunes drama Losing It. He co-created Neighbors From Hell for DreamWorks Animation and writes regularly for BBC Radio 4 Drama. He is currently developing a new comedy-drama series for television. Paul’s first novel In the Matter of Isabel has been bought by a major Hollywood producer. His first novel for children, Losing Arthur was published in 2017 and his second adult novel, A Meeting in Seville was published in 2018, and is based on his BBC Radio 4 play of the same name.


David Lister (The Independent) (Guest Review) - 11 Apr, 2021

Compelling! Stories that move seamlessly from warm humour to unexpected and often disconcerting denouements.

Leigh Russell (Guest Review) - 11 Apr, 2021

Paul A. Mendelson’s humorous and touching stories are a joy to read. He actually made me laugh out loud!

Karol Griffiths (script writer) (Guest Review) - 11 Apr, 2021

Mendelson has done it again! The Art of Listening is laugh out loud funny, entertaining and surprisingly moving.

Geoffrey Sax (Film and TV director) (Guest Review) - 11 Apr, 2021

Makes the art of reading these stories enormous fun… Paul’s humanity leaps from the pages. His comedy roots are apparent too.

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