The Ripples of Life

The Ripples of Life

By Susi Osborne

Format: Hardback

Publication Date: 1 Jan 2008


Categories: Romance

ISBN: 9781846241802


After the upheaval of moving from Cornwall to Cheshire to find work, Tom and Kate Darrington seem to have life sorted out. Kate is a devoted mother and talented artist, Tom a caring and sensitive husband and father. They have the perfect marriage, a beautiful home, two gorgeous children and are still madly in love. But when a tragic accident strikes, their perfect lives are torn apart and their love is put to the test.

But will love be enough to save their marriage?

The shockwaves from the Darringtons' tragedy spread out like ripples on a pond and touch the lives of the people around them. Kate's best friend Chloe tries to offer support, but her own problems cloud her judgement. Caroline, the young receptionist at Tom's office, complicates matters with her infatuation for him, and her clumsy attempt to help almost ends in disaster.

As this hard-hitting domestic drama unfolds, lives become entangled and relationships change forever.


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