The See-Saw Tree

The See-Saw Tree

By David Wood

Format: Hardback

Publication Date: 28 Feb 2022


Categories: Picture Books, Young Adult, Young Children

ISBN: 9781914471070


“That tree has a history. In the old days people called it the See-Saw Tree. One of its branches grew straight out, near to the ground. Children used to balance a plank over the branch and use it as a see-saw. The villagers loved that oak. And the See-Saw Tree was itself like a village. A living community of animals, birds and insects, going about their daily business. It still is. Just imagine how that community will feel should it be threatened. Just imagine what might happen if any of the Council’s plans went ahead and they cut down that oak tree, that special oak tree. Just imagine, just imagine …”

So says young eco-activist Elizabeth Green in her passionate speech against the felling of an ancient oak tree to make way for a new supermarket and children’s play area. 

She imagines the situation from the point of view of the creatures who live on and around the tree, who, thanks to the corporate greed of human beings, are now in danger of losing their much-loved home. The daily lives of tree residents, Owl, Squirrel, Mistlethrush, Dunnock and Bat, along with visitors Jay and Cuckoo, and Rabbit, whose burrow is nearby, are thrown into turmoil by the arrival of the Big Ones, the chainsaw-wielding human agents of destruction.

Can the creatures beat the impossible odds and save their home – the See-Saw Tree?

David Wood OBE has written more than 20 books for children, including the much-loved Mole’s Bedtime Story and Funny Bunny’s Magic Show (both co-created with Richard Fowler). He is best known as ‘the national children’s dramatist’ (The Times) and his plays are performed world-wide, including adaptations of 8 Roald Dahl stories, the Olivier Award-winning Goodnight Mister Tom, from Michelle Magorian’s novel, and the Olivier Award-nominated The Tiger Who Came To Tea, from Judith Kerr’s classic picture book. As an actor he has appeared regularly on stage, film and television.


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