A Different Life, Piece by Piece

A Different Life, Piece by Piece

By Prerana Phadnis

Format: Paperback

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Publication Date: 28 Apr 2022


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Categories: Business, Self-Help

ISBN: 9781914471544


Live a life that matters, manifest more positivity into your life

Faced with many options in life we can get stuck, forget to take time to review, and reflect on things that really matter to us. This small, clever book will inspire and encourage you to take action. It will:

- Coach you in the practice of creative thinking with practical advice

- Give you the confidence to think differently and do different things

- Inspire you to make choices that matter to you 

- Enhance your ability to find your way around a problem

- Imagine useful new possibilities

This book offers a refreshing approach to self-help, with easily digestible insights into the power of creative thinking. Underpinned by the author’s creative background and her 27 years’ experience as a business coach, the book can be enjoyed from start to finish, or dipped in and out of – one topic at a time. 

With its playful and uplifting style, personal anecdotes, mosaic artworks and photographs featured to help drive home the advice, the book will give you a reason to smile and feel motivated… and we all want to smile more, don’t we?

The author will donate 10% of royalties received to the charity ‘The National Brain Appeal’.

Prerana Phadnis originally trained as an architect in India with postgraduation in Industrial Design from the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT Bombay). She moved to London in 1980, gained a Master of Arts in Industrial Design at Central Saint Martins juggling her studies with the demands of bringing up two young children. She later gained a Master of Business Administration. She is now a contemporary mosaic artist and retired business development consultant, who spent more than 25 years using creative thinking to help a wide range of companies to successfully re-evaluate their growth, innovation, and export strategies.


Ann Diogenous (Guest Review) - 09 Apr, 2022

A lovely gentle book to inspire us to be kind to ourselves . Encouraging without being pushy.

Parineeta Rane (Guest Review) - 06 Mar, 2022

This book has made a great impact on the way I look at the daily struggles of life!! A MUST READ :)))

Joy Parker (Guest Review) - 20 Mar, 2022

This is a really lovely book. It uses mosaics Prerana has made and observational photographs taken during her creative 'me time' as she calls it. This 'me time' is the well of creativeness which allows you to assess your life differently, see round obstacles and reevaluate what is really important to you. 'A Different Life, Piece by Piece" is refreshingly un-preachy, charming and also deeply practical. It will help you take that first step to a more contented life.

Despina Johnson (Guest Review) - 01 May, 2022

This book was a joy to read, Prerana takes you on a journey helping you to explore your own creativity, sharing pictures of her lovely mosaics along the way. I have been left feeling very positive and interested in how I can take a different approach to problem solving.

Sat s (Guest Review) - 04 May, 2022

The author has produced a very unique book which I found thoroughly enjoyable. I like how it gives practical advice on helping people find their creative side and confronts the stereotype of what creativity is as it is clear after reading this that we all have a creative side waiting to be unlocked! I would highly recommend this well written book.

Nandini Gokhale (Guest Review) - 07 May, 2022

Prerana’s ethical views and humane nature
has worked well with her helpful tips about how to change slightly to think differently.
Her management training, coupled with her artist’s vision and excellent quality of this book makes gives it a feed good value.

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