The Life and Times of Mary Attenborough (1896-1961)

The Life and Times of Mary Attenborough (1896-1961)

By Richard Graves

Format: Paperback

Publication Date: 28 Feb 2022


Categories: History, Politics and Society, Biography

ISBN: 9781914471148


Mary’s own story is here revealed and given value in its own right, not merely as ‘the wife of …’ or ‘the mother of …’. This remarkable woman deserves her own place in history.

Mary Clegg was a spirited young woman from a liberal, non-conformist background in the East Midlands, the daughter of a head teacher and pioneering educationalist. He believed not just in the value of a broad education, but also in the importance of a stimulating learning environment.

When Mary married one of her father’s former teaching staff, effectively relinquishing the chance of an independent career for herself, she focused on supporting her husband’s career and nurturing her three sons. However, Mary’s innate vitality could not be constrained by ‘domestic tasks’ alone.

As war loomed again during the 1930s Mary’s humanitarian instincts were given full rein as she quite literally rescued and saved young lives, innocent victims of warped political ideologies in Europe.

Richard Graves was educated at Wyggeston Boys’ Grammar School, Leicester, and gained a B.A. in German at Bedford College, University of London. He then embarked on a career in public sector social housing management. Since retiring, he has indulged his life-long interest in Local and European History. He has researched and written several articles for the Leicestershire Historian, journal of the Leicestershire Archaeological & Historical Society. Richard lives in Leicestershire with his wife Hazel.



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