Tremors Day

Tremors Day

By Mark Horsley

Format: Paperback

Publication Date: 28 Nov 2021


Categories: Young Adult

ISBN: 9781913913663


Fourteen years ago, on the day Lauren was born, the first Tremors Day changed the world. Ever since that unprecedented day, every Tremors Day that has followed has brought with it destruction and unrepairable consequences.

The world has changed – it had to.

Now, after winning a ticket in a national ballot, Lauren finds herself standing below one of the digital displays as she prepares to step aboard a balloon pod and take to the sky; statistically the safest location to spend the day. But it means leaving her mum behind, and she’s still reeling with the recent loss of her dad on a Tremors Day past.

When a tragic accident leaves Lauren lost, alone and far from home with only twenty-three minutes until the tremors begin, will she survive the devastating phenomenon?

Will she ever make it back home?

Mark Horsley is the Deputy Headteacher at a primary school in Northampton. During his teaching career, he has taught children aged 7-11 creative writing for sixteen years, using both famous texts and his own writings in a vast range of genres to inspire them to write for specific purposes and audiences. He has also written and directed many school performances and created performing arts pieces that have been performed on stages across Northampton. Mark has a young daughter with dyslexia who inspired him to write his debut novel, bringing to page a tale that will keep her attention hooked to the last page.



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