Blackthorn and Beyond – The Sorcerer's Redemption

Blackthorn and Beyond – The Sorcerer's Redemption

By Ellie Tilley

Format: 9781835740613

Publication Date: 28 Oct 2024


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Categories: Fantasy and Horror


There are secrets buried beneath the roots of Blackthorn Forest.

Luna Redlock is no stranger to the trees. However, when Isaac Brewer and his nephew, Tristan, return to the cobbled streets, a darkness descends upon the sleepy village. Their presence sets in motion a catastrophic series of events.

Luna’s story is just one of many in Blackthorn’s mysterious history, but there is one thing tying them all together: potions, portals, and above all... power.

Can Isaac right his wrongs from centuries ago before all is lost to a wicked ruler?


Ellie Tilley was born and raised in Warwickshire. The setting for her debut novel, Blackthorn and Beyond – The Sorcerer’s Redemption, draws inspiration from the village and surrounding areas where she grew up. Graduating from Cardiff University with a degree in English Literature, Ellie now dedicates her time to writing and reviewing fantastical fiction.


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